Trip to Tibits 

I popped down to Tibits the other day. I did not know where do I start…they have so much to choose from! I initially went to try out the vegan afternoon tea but as soon as soon as I got there, I realised that I would be depriving myself of other delicious goodness. 

The restaurant had a great atmosphere, really relaxed and with an outside area too, it’s a perfect summer spot. The staff were all super friendly and helpful. 

Bare in mind I had to pace myself for the afternoon tea.  I did, however, manage to devour Za’atar hummus, falafal, potato wedges, sweet potato, a super fresh salad drizzled in lemon juice and a soya and spinach parcel. 

The hummus had a really lovely texture and flavour and the falafal had a delicious crisp exterior and fluffy tasty middle. The soya parcel had me in two minds whether to stick with the savoury side of life for the day, but alas, the afternoon tea couldn’t be missed.

Once I had finally dragged myself away from the buffet of veggie and vegan options, (vegan is marked with a V), I popped over to pay. The way it works is by weight – 100g -£2.40 lunchtimes and £2.40 at dinner time. They also have bowls and plates ready for if you want to take away as well. Menu is entirely vegan every Tuesday, though they have so many vegan options, you’ll be full which ever day you go.

They have a wide range of fresh juices and teas and coffees, as well as vegan beers. I went for a carrot juice to start with. I also like the fact that they have a tap water and cups available for you to get your own, I always feel as though in restaurants asking for tap water is frowned upon, when it shouldn’t be. If you have a water filter bottle even better!

With such a huge range of vegan food, it would have been easy for me to have tried a lot more, I will definitely be going back when I am next in that part of London, to try more. Along, with the juices and the teas, it could be a good few sittings before I can report back on their entire offerings. The staff are constantly bring out fresh food, always reassuring.

If after all of this delicious food is not enough to fill you, then at 3pm afternoon tea begins. As previously mentioned, I had initally popped in for the afternoon tea, but I think it is obvious as to why, this could not be the only option for the day. At 3pm the afternoon tea selection is swiftly added to the mix with vegan scones and cream, it had to be tasted! The strawberries were fresh and delcious. Unfortunately, they did not have sandwiches available but I will definitely be eating them when I go back.

The process for the cream tea is the same as the other food, in terms of the weigh and pay situation. At this point, in the visit I opted for a jasmine flower tea, that was a great decision. Such a great combination for a vegan afternoon tea, a scone and a jasmine flower tea, with the flower opening before your eyes. This being a ‘Tibits Special’ is priced at £3.10, normal teas are priced at £2.10, which I think is reasonable considering the location. 

All in all the whole day I spent at Tibits, had me feeling very satisfied. I liked the freedom of browsing and portions control that you have from choosing your own food. It is great for veggies/vegans. Definitely a thumbs up and quick return for me.

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