Vegan Yorkshire Puds

​You can’t really have a roast without a Yorkshire, I’m aware there are rules that meat eaters stick to, about what meats can ‘go’ with Yorkshires and which ones shouldn’t, but we don’t have that issue….so Yorkshires all the way!

I have been working on this recipe for so long and I think that this is finally the perfect recipes, however, I may update should I explore further.

My recipe will make 6 Yorkshires, however, I suggest 2 per person.

Ingredients – 

2 cups x sparkling water 

3 cups x flour

2 tablespoons x arrow root

2 tablespoons x garlic puree

1/2 cup x vegan gravy grauals

1/2 cup x boiling water

6 tablespoons x coconut oil

Method –

1. First you need to get that oven hot! Preheat to 200 degrees, placing your Yorkshire tray in to preheat also.

2. Once the oven has started to heat and the tray is hot, carefully remove and place  a tablespoon of coconut oil in 6 sections.

3. Return to oven whilst making the batter.

4. Add the flour, arrow root and garlic puree to a bowl and mix the sparkling water in slowly, until a batter consistency has been formed, you may need to adjust the water quantities slightly.

5. Transfer the batter mix to a pouring jug.

6. Remove the Yorkshire tray from the oven as quickly as you can, remembering to be safe at the same time, as the oil is super hot at this stage.

7. Pour the batter into each section, trying to keep the pour as central as possible.

8. Return to the oven as quickly as you can to ensure that the oil and batter remain as hot as possible.

9. Allow to cook for 10 – 15 minutes before checking to see if they have risen, if they have lower the heat of the oven to 180 degrees, if they haven’t risen, leave for an extra 5 minutes and check again.

10. Whilst they are cooking, mix the gravy granules with the water to create a thick gravy paste.

11. Giving the Yorkshire, enough time to cook all the way through, when they are starting to brown, remove from oven, brush ever so lightly with the dense gravy around the tops.

12. Allow them to cook under the grill for a maximum of 2 minutes on low, for the ultimate tasty Yorkshires!

These are so yummy, I eat them very often and loaded with gravy and other fillings!  

5 Comments Add yours

  1. they look so good! after over 1.5 years vegan i’ve still not attempted to make yorkshire puds!


    1. Aww thanks 🙂 I have messed around with so many versions, this one works best for me. Let me know if you try them how it works for you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. will do, i guess i need to start practising in time for christmas roast!


      2. yeah, I think the coconut oil makes a real difference as well, when I used olive oil it seems to make them really greasy and soggy. Good luck! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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