Thick Gravy

I will be making 2 gravies in this section, as I believe there are 2 types thick gravy and thin gravy. I personally prefer a thick gravy, which is what I am going to be covering today. There so many stocks that you can buy this time of year and though it is lazy to shop buy gravy, this is no ordinary gravy.

This takes approximately 20 minutes to make, which means you don’t have to worry about it until you are ready to start serving, which is great if you are lacking in kitchen organisation, like myself! This recipe will make 1 litre of thick gravy. It is a super lazy recipe and its not particularly calorie conscious either, however, it has so much flavour.

Ingredients –

1 cup x vegan gravy granules

¼ cup x Reggae Reggae sauce (or similar)

6 tablespoons x garlic puree

2 tablespoons x lemongrass puree

2 tablespoons x ginger puree

4 cups x boiling water

Method – 

1. On a low heat add all ingredients to a large pan, adding the water last and gently stir until well mixed.

2. Leave to simmer for 10 – 15 minutes on a low heat, stirring every minute or so to ensure nothing is sticking.

3. If they gravy is looking too thick add a little water, or too thin add a little more of the gravy granules at this stage.

4. Allow to simmer for a further 5 minutes, stir continuously at this stage.

5. Once piping hot, serve immediately.

If you’re using a gravy boat, it is best to warm it before you pour the gravy in to keep the heat in. I find the best way to do this, is the same as a tea pot, by boiling the kettle and allowing the hot water to sit in the boat for a few moments, before draining and immediately replacing with the gravy. 

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