Farmaround Organic

Obviously being plant based means that the idea of any fruits of veggie being given to me, would make me very happy. Farmaround’s array of fruit and veg did not disappoint this theory, in fact with their super ripe fruit and colourful veg  I could not wait to cook with them all.

I started with using the delicious purple carrots, which worked a treat as a special addition to my usual plate of veggies for dinner. Not only did it add a splash of colour, it also added a wonderful earthy feel to my plate. It reminded me of when I lived in Africa and would travel to the local fruit and veg stalls to collect fresh produce, I would be so happy to carry them all the way back home, just to start cooking with them and experimenting.

What I really like about their service is not only are all of their products organic, (unless stated otherwise), they are so fresh and all of the fruit I have eaten so far, have been perfectly ripe. I did make some pancakes with one of the bananas, but I ate them before I remembered to take a photo, fear not – I shall make some more.

Farmaround send their fruit and veg in 2 separate bags that are ideal for storing them too. For those of you who follow me on IG, you will know that I posted a photo of all of the produced I received, however, it was such a pretty bunch of goodness here it is one more time…

The veggies are so fresh they are clearly straight from the ground and I love that earthly feel you get when you are cooking in with such organic products. 

Not only have Farmaround been kind enough to send me these fruits and veggies, they have also given me a promotion code to share with all of my wonderful followers and subscribers, so here’s the deal – Sign up to a weekly order with the wonderful people at Farmaround, with the minimum spend being £15 and on the 4th order, you shall receive a package of French Savons de Marseille (pictured below) worth £40. All products are of course not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients making them completely vegan!

I really recommend that you try these guys, not only are their staff really awesome, their products are outstanding and you really do get a lot for your money! If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me at the usual address or you can reach out to the lovely Isobel at Farmaround, who will help you with all of your questions. Isobel also includes some recipes with the delivery, which gives some good ideas for making something different with your veggies!

 I will be uploaded all of the healthy meals that I make with these products and look forward to hearing from those of you who have decided to shop with Farmaround, to see what you have made with the produce also!

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