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Tapas commonly known now for lots of small dishes, it originally was meant to be just that, as it was a way of showcasing their food offerings to guests who could not read, innkeepers would offer their guests samples of their foods.

Today, Tapas is available in most parts of the world and it almost always contains my favourite ingredient – garlic. It is also a great way to make dishes out of what you have, as you can pretty much turn any ingredients in to a Tapas wonder in minutes, meaning you can fill your dining table with many little dishes for guests to snack on.

One of my favourites is a very simple sausage dish that can make the most amazing addition to your table with out much effort of prep, in fact if you have guests that arrive unexpected, this can be whipped up in under 20 minutes. You can adjust the spice levels to your taste, though I would recommend being brave with this dish if you can.

I used Linda McCartney’s sausages for this, but any vegan sausage will be fine.

I would usually suggest 1 vegan sausage per person, however if you’re extra hungry then feel free to double up. This recipe will serve 6 people.

Spicy Sausages

Ingredients –

6 x vegan sausages

1 cup x passata

2 tablespoons x garlic puree

4 tablespoons x hot smoked paprika

2 tablespoons x tomato puree

2 tablespoons x black pepper

1 tablespoon x salt

1 tablespoon x hot sauce (leave out if you don’t like it extra hot)

Method –

1. Place the sausages in the oven for the time it says to cook, as per packet instructions.

2. In the mean time, add all other ingredients to a saucepan and on a low heat, stir well together until piping hot.

3. When sausages are 5 minutes from being ready, remove from the oven and cut each sausage into 6 pieces and add to the hot sauce.

4. Stir well until all pieces are well coated in the sauce.

5. Plate up and serve immediately.

These really are delicious and work so well with other tapas pieces, you can tone the heat down if you are catering for children or crank it up if you are a heat fiend, like myself. Enjoy!

Patatas Bravas

Probably one of the best known tapas options, patatas bravas, is such a quick an easy dish to make. It works so well for a potato dish to add to the table and packs such great flavours, you can make it however you want in terms of the sauce, play around with the flavours until they balance to meet your pallets preference.

I have been playing around with this dish and have decided I like it best with the skins left on the potatoes, though should you wish to peel them, this will also work.

This recipe will serve 6 as part of a tapas evening, if you are wishing to make this the main potato dish for a meal, then you should double the ingredients.

Ingredients – 

1 x medium red potato per person, washed and cubed

4 x cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped

4 tablespoons x garlic puree

4 tablespoons x olive oil

1/5 cups x passata

4 tablespoons x hot smoked paprika

½ tablespoon x salt

2 tablespoons x black pepper

Method – 

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

2. Add the potato cubes and garlic to an oven dish, with the oil salt and pepper, shake well to cover the potatoes in the oil and seasoning.

3. Allow to cook for 30 minutes, shaking once in the middle of the cooking.

4. Heat the passata adding the smoked paprika and garlic puree, stirring well on a medium to high heat.

5. After 30 minutes of cooking, remove the potatoes from the oven, cover with the passata sauce and return for another 10 minutes.

6. Serve immediately.

If you have any vegan mayo, you can mix this with garlic puree to form an aioli consistency that will work wonders with this dish and with any other tapas dishes you have for that matter!

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