Experience at Ethos

When I initially walked into Ethos, I was struck by how beautiful the place looks, with trees dotted around the restaurant, it was a really refreshing to be surrounded by nature, in a restaurant where meat was not on the menu – YAY!

The eating process here was very simple, you choose what you want to put on your plate from the vast appetising array of vegan offerings, and then you simply head up to the tills, for your plate to be weighed, this gives you the price of your meal and voila, you have successfully entered heaven.

I opted for a smoothie to go with my over the zealous plate of deliciousness, which of course was also equally pleasing. They did also have an outstanding amount of vegans cakes on display but as I had already eaten a mountain of goodness I thought it best to leave with my dignity and jeans intact.

All of the food was really fresh and I particularly liked the plethora of colour, as I always try to ensure I eat as many coloured veggies as possible, this was not an effort in Ethos, as they have every coloured salad you could imagine, as well as having some incredible dips and I had a coleslaw salad that was exceedingly good.

I would highly recommend this restaurant, not just to those who are vegan but also to those who want to eat healthier lunches, with the option to take away, you simply fill up a box of food the same way you would your plate and then you are ready to eat some exquisite food.

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  1. Maxine says:

    Hey, ooh the food here looks delicious! I’d be really worried about the Weigh and Pay system though, its very popular across SE Asia but things are pretty reasonably priced over there, London… not so much lol!

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    1. I agree it can be pricy, I think my meal came to about £14 which isn’t bad for quite a big portion of food. It depends on what you are wanting to eat but I like to pop in to these places every once in a while 🙂

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      1. Maxine says:

        Yeah that’s cool, £14 isn’t terrible for central London. I’m excited to pop in myself 🙂


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