Vegans Who Lunch

If you’re going to be in London this Summer and are wanting to try some amazing vegan food on the go, there is no need to panic, as I have selflessly eaten my way through London’s fairest vegan offerings to bring them all to you!

Obviously, London has great places to eat it going without saying, but finding a vegan restaurant or options on a menu without having to spend an arm and a leg, that taste good can be slightly time-consuming, especially when you when you’re hungry and need to eat ASAP, common occurrence for me! Hot or cold food I have tried it all and have worked out my favourites, so without further ado, here we go…

Starting with an amazing place to grab a quick bite if you are in the Shoreditch Boxpark, then there is only one place I will be going for my lunch and that is The Athenian, their Grilled Mushrooms Souvlaki is something that must be devoured if in the area. The souvlaki is packed full of delicious mushrooms and chips all immersed in a depth of flavours and aromas. Their salad is also mouth wateringly good, just make sure you ask for no feta. The wonderful staff while whip up one of this saintly snack in a matter of minutes and you can enjoy as you explore Shoreditch or simply grab a seat inside the Boxpark.

If you’re in the vicinity of Tower Bridge or Aldgate, then I really recommend that you head down to Bluez Souvlaki where they make the most amazing chips, oh yes, this gem is a place to go when you want a delicious lunch, all vegan of course and their souvlaki, packed full of perfectly cooked Mediterranean vegetables. If you’re eating in, they have a lovely restaurant that transports you to distant shores, while you eat this fresh and vibrant food!

If Central London is more your area of interest then Vegan Hippo is only a moment away from the bustling Piccadilly Circus, here you can find a plethora of vegan eats, including burgers, hot dogs and much more, there is the option to sit in, or you can eat on the move, either way, this place offers some yummy alternatives when making your way around this area of London.

South Kensington has museums and shopping in one stop, it also offers a wonderful eatery to grab a bite – Raison D’etre. I must stress that this is not a vegan restaurant, however, they have many veggie options which can simply have the cheese removed for great vegan paninis, and they make delicious salads too, which means that you can grab something quick to go or enjoy a leisurely bite, whilst working out your route for the day, either way this is a must try for all.

If you aren’t sure where you’re going to be headed but know that you will be hungry, aka my daily routine, then I have listed some of my favourite restaurants that are dotted around London, so wherever you are you’ll be sure to find a branch to grab something delicious for lunch…

PAUL have a vegan sandwich offering which is known as The Vegetalien supplies a wealth of flavour packed with spinach, onions, carrots, grilled peppers and finished off with a carrot tapenade, this tasty little number is guaranteed to fill you up for a while, especially when paired with their moreish crisps! If you get a chance to treat your self here, then I would highlysuggest that you try this as it screams Summer time.

Leon has the most delicious vegan food in their stores that are dotted around London, they offer hot and cold food for on the go and their restaurants have a great vibe and choice of décor if you do decide to eat in. I really like their falafel, if you get a chance to try this I would highly recommend.

Wrap It Up have 2 vegan wraps, both as delicious as each other, the burrito and the roti, I personally prefer the roti, but they will both fill you up and are perfect when you are on the go! You can find one of their restaurants in most areas of London and the super friendly staff make all of the wraps from scratch so you can always opt in or out of each filling. 

Pret is always going to be an option when you are in London, for 2 simple reason – they are everywhere and they sort vegans out with goodness. They have salads and sandwiches for vegans as well as the most amazing drinks, my personal favourite is the Yoga Bunny, so be sure to scoop up one of those for a super chilled beverage.

EAT offer some really vegan options including the most amazing vegan houmous wrap which is insanely delicious, this is perfect to eat on the go, packed with cucumber and spinach, this will keep your fighting fit and full for your day in the Capital.

Abokado are always on hand to help you if you are in a hunger-related pickle. They offer a range of vegan food including my personal favourite, veggie gyoza and brown rice, which is delicious and so filling, perfect for on the go, or if you want to stop in one of their stylish restaurants then this is also an option.

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