Astounding Aracini Brothers

I visited Arancini Brothers in Dalston the other day for a delicious Vegan burger with fries and a deliciously refreshing lemonade, and I loved it all!! I have recently been hearing and seeing a lot of comments about arancini and how delicious it is, so naturally, I had to check it out for myself!

The restaurant is seconds away from Dalston Junction station, which makes for a perfect destination to eat on the way in or out of Dalston. The portion sizes are so generous, that even I had to take my burger home, this is pretty much unheard of for me, however, the burger was so delicious and I didn’t want to waste it, so made sure to finish it as soon as I could physically eat more!

The One Tasty Vegan burger was so good, not only did it have a good wealth of flavour from the risotto patty which was out of this world delicious, with the caramelised onion jam that is slathered across the top with leaves and onions going on in the organic bun too, this is something I could eat every single day with no issues. The onion jam was so good that I would actually have dipped my chips in it if I had thought of that idea before devouring the burger.

The chips themselves were packed full of flavour too with the paprika that is generously coating them, this makes a wonderful smokey impact on the palate which when contrasted with the sweetness of the onion jam makes a delicious balance of flavours.

Last, but definitely not least the lemonade! I am a huge fan of traditional lemonade, I don’t drink carbonated drinks so often miss out when lemonade is on the menu in restaurants, as it is the kind that is fizzy and branded. I like this homemade lemonade more, as it is sharper and has a great balance between the bitterness of the lemon and the sweetness of the sugar. Arancini Brothers have got the balance just right and it made for a wonderful thirst quencher for the Summer.

You can sit in, though the food is made so quickly there were lots of people coming in and out with their take away orders for lunch. The staff are ridiculously friendly and as soon as I said that I am vegan, the lady serving me, immediately reeled of the choices that were available to me! The restaurant has a very welcoming and homely vibe to it, which I really liked, especially as I was eating alone! I would definitely recommend tracking down a branch and trying some for yourselves!!

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