Ineffable Indigo

Yesterday, I ventured to Indigo an Indian Street Food restaurant, just a few minutes walk from Shoreditch High Street station.There were so many vegan options on the menu it soon became hard to choose exactly what I was going to eat, so decided to order a few things to try, naturally, ended up devouring everything.

 I have this thing recently where instead of taking a coat out,  I just wear one warm layer to start with, it works on some days, yesterday was not the day, so when I arrived I was in desperate need of a drink. Low and behold, they had fresh fruit juices, so Watermelon juice was my saving grace. This was so fresh and delicious, super cold and really refreshing.

For starters, it was a tough decision as there were so many yummy options on the menu, however, eventually some Pani Poori, (wheat balls filled with potatoes and onions), and samosas were ordered.

 The samosas were huge! They were also delicious and appealed to my ridiculous lack of control around good food, they were amazing, the pastry was great and the filling had a nice kick to it with lots of veggies packed in. Unfortunately the raita was not vegan but they didn’t need sauce so it wasn’t too bad without!

I have never had Pani Poori before but am very glad I tried them as they were so light and tasty, with such a wonderful crunch to the crispy wheat balls and the filling was delicious too, these having slightly more of a kick than the samosas.

For mains it was time to explore more of the menu, Dosa is something that I have had many times, though not since being vegan as for some reason I assumed they weren’t vegan. How wrong was I! Served with lentils this was an exceptional dish, the flavours were so rich and they worked so well together, the spices with the creaminess of the lentils balanced out so well, this did not take long to obliterate.

 Also for main I had Aubergine Bharta, which for anyone who loves aubergines as much I do would be a real treat, even if you aren’t too keen on aubergine, this dish would convert you, because the chillies and spices that were in this dish were superb, it was just enough richness to assist the decadent saffron rice that accompanied it.

 This was all washed down with fresh apple juice that was such a perfect way to finish such an excellent meal. I loved the food here, the staff were friendly, the restaurant itself was nice and spacious. It is also located to the side of the Rich Mix cinema, which means if you wanted to grab a bite before or after the film, then Indigo couldn’t be more convenient. They also have take away options too! I will be back here very shortly to try out some more of the menu, it could take a few sittings but I am determined to try everything!

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