Cool Cabana

Yesterday, on what was probably the hottest day of the year, I braved the heat to grab some food at Cabana, a Brasilian restaurant serving some foodie delights and great cocktails.

Starting a meal with a cocktail is for me the official nod to the Summer, that is exactly what I did when arriving at Cabana. Just a quick walk from Tottenham Court Road station is this Brasilian restaurant. The atmosphere is very relaxed with ‘grass’ on the floor to make sitting in the sun even more natural. The Caipirinha was a welcomed refreshment in the heat, such a delicious cocktail, mixing Cachaça, sugar and lime with lots of ice. This did not take long to drink!

On to the snacks and starters, starting with olives (as always), with some guacamole and tortilla chips which were delicious, though I would have liked a bucket load more the guacamole. The olives were nice and tasty too.

The mains we opted for were the Super Salad and Avocado Burrito, I was originally going to opt for the curry but when I saw that the avocado was fried in panko crumbs it really was something I had to try. It didn’t disappoint, the textures of the soft and creamy avocado and the crunchy panko were so yummy.

With butter lettuce, sweet corn, palm hearts, avocado, mango, the Super Salad was a refreshing and healthy option to have paired with cassava fries that were so good. I ate a lot of cassava when in Kenya and I really love it, so was very happy to see this on the menu. Cassava fries are such a nice thing to have with the salad as a balanced meal, without being too filling.

For dessert, I opted for a mango sorbet and decaf coffee, the mango was so refreshing, in fact I ate it so fast that I had major brain freeze, it was irresistibly good! I had a pleasant time at Cabana and will definitely be heading back to taste the curry when it is a little cooler!

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