Arancina Awe

Upon arriving at this gorgeous restaurant – Arancina, situated a stone’s throw away from Notting Hill Gate station, it was clear to see that the food must be good as there were so many people queuing for a bite. There is a Fiat situated in the window, which made for an interesting lure and the pizza being served was looking good!

I took a seat upstairs, which is renovated from an old house, into a delightful, relaxed seating area. I loved the way that it had a homely feel to it as if you were able to completely enjoy the food as you would in your own home.

99% of the toppings for vegans are fresh, which was a great discovery, as well as the fact that palla means board, and this meant that I was about to receive a board full of pizza. It got better, for indecisive people such as myself can choose to go for a half and half style pizza.You can also order pizza by the slice if you want a quick bite or if you are super hungry or feel like sharing then The Pala is a whopping 85x25cm.

I opted for a Paletta half topped with the Vegetariana which is courgettes, aubergines, artichoke and mixed peppers and on the other half, I decided I wanted just black olives and sundried tomatoes, as I love them so much. Make sure you ask for no cheese making the pizza entirely vegan and delicious. The base is crispy and light, with the perfect structure to ensure the toppings don’t all fall off. Something I struggle with.

I spoke with the lovely Michele Mortari, one-half of the sibling duo who concocted this wonderful concept of real Italian food in London, as we were talking and discussing pizza dough recipes, blogging and of course everything else related to food, I advised him of my love for real lemonade. Immediately served with a Lemon Soda, that was beyond refreshing, this is by far the best the best lemon drink in town and I urge you when entering this heavenly establishment to order yourself one of these!

Needless to stay that Michele and the staff at Arancina, were superb, not only did they completely understand my vegan requirements, they were happy and clearly as passionate about food as I am.

If you are going to be in Notting Hill this Summer, whether it be for Carnival or simply to enjoy the scenery, then I recommend popping to Arancina for a delicious bite of pizza you will never forget!

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