Salivating at Temple of Seitan

After seeing so many posts on Instagram raving about Temple of Seitan, I thought I would pop down to Hackney whilst at the market in Dalston to check it out.

Not knowing what to order, I felt the best option would be to opt for a burger and wrap and some chips, in hindsight I wish I had picked up some mac and cheese too but that is really just an excuse to go back, so not that mad.

The burger was so delicious, I can’t even explain to you how good it was without salivating. The burger consisted of a tempeh fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce, pickles and ranch mayo, all vegan of course! It was amazing!

The fillet had the most incredible texture, the coating was perfectly seasoned, the cheese and bacon added the extra wow factor for me and the pickles and lettuce, just made it feel that little bit less naughty.

The Twist wrap was exactly how I thought it was going to taste, the pepper mayo gave it a little kick over its burger cousin. This time with 2 tempeh ‘wings’, lettuce and tomato, this was devoured rather too quickly.

The chips were good, they had a nice crisp outside with fluffy potato on the inside and I did also have a lemonade, but I sadly drank this on the train, so forgot to take a photo, however, would definitely recommend it as it is utterly refreshing.

I will be heading back in the next few weeks to try out the mac and cheese as well as the spicy burger option and probably everything else on the menu!

 This place has to be tried, I am planning to trick my non-vegan friends into eating here with me, so will update on how that goes also. If you are in Hackney over the Summer, then be sure to pop in. You won’t regret it!



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