Opulent Onist Pots

I don’t think there are many things I love more in life than chocolate and avocado, so when a very clever lady incorporates these two beautiful things into delicious pots of goodness, you can bet your bottom dollar, I will be trying them. They did not disappoint. 

The pots come in a few different flavours including Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and my personal favourite, Mint Chocolate. To be honest they were all heavenly pots of healthy smooth deliciousness, but the mint flavour just edged ahead for me, purely on personal preference.

The avocado secured the creaminess of these pots and though the flavour of it is subtle when paired with the cocoa powder, cashews and dates. They were so enjoyable, the richness of the cocoa was delicious and a perfect healthy treat after a long day. I found myself trying to keep them in the fridge for as long as possible because they made me so happy I didn’t want it to end!

The mint chocolate tastes slightly like Aero which was one of my favourite chocolates growing up, only this felt like a very sophisticated adult version of that and obviously a lot healthier too. The richness of these pots make them a very nice after dinner dessert, an evening treat, or if you are like me an ample breakfast.

The salted caramel was delicious for dessert with its rich made me bite the spoon in appreciation of its balance of sweet and salted, almost too enjoyable to stop at the one pot. Whereas the chocolate orange had such a fresh taste of orange to cut through the chocolate that it made sense to eat it for breakfast. The dark chocolate entered another level of decadence with its silky smooth texture, this was the last one that I ate and I ate it savouring every mouthful.

I will be ordering some more very soon as I think they are great for picnics as well and definitely a healthy options for children and big children such as myself!

It doesn’t stop their though because for every pot that is bought helps to give a child in Gambia  healthy breakfast, which is absolutely fantastic as far as I am concerned.  The company itself was founded by Nutritionist Mary Lynch who is dedicated to healthy food with an ethical perspecitive. Well, I think Mary can be extremely proud of her achievements because these pots are second to none.

If you are looking for some delicious treats, that are healthy and help others, then I would 100% recommend trying out these pots of yum.

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