Stunning Summer

Summer is here, yaaaaayy!!! That means that I want to make sure that I am looking my best when catching the rays and for someone who doesn’t usually wear makeup there are still so many ways to go vegan with beauty products over the weathered months, which here in England aren’t many!

Starting off with my skin, I use exfoliating gloves from Superdrug with one of their vegan shower gels to make sure my skin is healthy and soft. If you didn’t already know then all of Superdrug’s own products are vegan and their shower gels are less than £1 each, so it is worth stocking up when you go because they have lots of lovely scents, my favourites is Dragonfruit and Vanilla to keep you smelling great! I also buy my razors from here, as the disposable razors are so cheap and leave my legs feeling so smooth.


I then like to use a Lush body moisturiser ‘Celestial’ which contains almonds packed with vitamin E which will protect your skin and leave you feeling majestic. If you want to get yourself a decent moisturiser then I would recommend popping down to your local Lush and asking one of the assistants, they know the store back to front and will be able to suggest the best products for your skin type, just don’t forget to tell them you want vegan products.

For my face, I like to use Lush’s ‘Dark Angels’ which scrubs away all of my impurities, I used this once or twice a week and then for the rest of the week simply wash my face with a cloth and hot water. ‘Dark Angels’ is made from black sugar and charcoal to give the ultimate scrub, meaning nothing gets left behind, other than perfect looking skin of course!30ml Light Facecream

Once I have dried my face, I use Bio-Extracts to moisturise my face, the reason for this is they are not like other moisturisers. You choose what your face needs on a daily basis, with their base moisturiser options of Delicate, Light, Normal or Rich to start, followed by the boosters, which are chosen based on your skin type, whether it be lifting, hydrating or glow boost you need, they have so many options, you simply add the booster with the moisturiser and you have your bespoke moisturiser. The results from this moisturiser have meant I very rarely have break out and my skin is always soft.

Although I don’t usually wear makeup, there will be events where I want to and so it is really important that I don’t clog up my pores with makeup as it is not used to it, this is where PHB’s mineral foundation comes in. It applies so well, looks completely natural and offers exceptional coverage which is handy for when I do have the odd spot that needs covering up. It also has SPF 30 coverage which means you can wear it in the sun and be sure that you are safe. A little goes a long way with this product and I much prefer it to ‘wet’ foundations.


For my lips, my best friend got me some Lush ‘Rose Lollipop’ which is perfect for glossy, conditioned lips. It can be used over the top of a vegan lipstick for a glossed look, or I simply wear it by itself for soft lips all day!


When it comes to cleaning my teeth, for me there is only one brand of toothbrush I want to be using and that is Humble. The toothbrushes are made from bamboo and come to a range of brush colours, I opted for yellow. The toothbrush offers a great clean and has made such a difference to my teeth in just a few weeks. Not only does the toothbrush sort out my needs, it also helps others in need as the wonderful people of Humble are dedicated to giving back, so for every toothbrush you buy, they will help a child in need or oral hygiene, not bad!

For toothpaste, I use Superdrug‘s Charcoal toothpaste, which has changed the colour of my teeth drastically, I have used this every day for the past 2 months or so and it has made such a change to my teeth, not to mention it looks pretty cool. Before finding Superdrug’s version, I was using Ecodenta, which was the same style charcoal based toothpaste, but it was always out of stock and much more expensive than the Superdrug version. It was very good though and if you can get hold of it then it is worth a try. This can be found in Holland and Barrett, though it sells out fast so is worth checking online to see whether it is in stock, or calling the store before you head down there.


As for my hair, I am very protective when it comes to using hair products, as I used to have very long hair that I dyed pretty much every colour you could think of, before making the delicious to basically shave it off because it was so dead. I have managed to grow it back to a reasonable shoulder length not and it is very healthy, so I really don’t want to add chemicals to it. It is for this reason that I don’t use Shampoo anymore, I will occasionally use some of the Superdrug Shower gel if it really need a lift but other than that, I wash it purely with water and then towel dry it, adding Noughty Hair Care’s – ‘Intensive Care Conditioner’, once a week to keep the ends in check. This is 97% which means my hair is not receiving an influx of chemicals and keeps it soft and healthy!

I have been getting by without deodorant through the Winter months and last summer when I was travelling through Kenya and Uganda, I decided the natural aroma was something I wasn’t too mad at, however, I have since found a vegan natural deodorant that I cannot get enough of, not only does it leave my pits nice and dry even when travelling on the tube, it has a lovely smell too. Yes, Salt Of The Earth, has a wonderful range of natural products but my favourite is the Aura, Melon and Cucumber spray, you simply spray it on, then pat away the excess for nice smelling dry armpits! They have other scents too which I will try after this one, it really does last quite a long time as a little bit goes a long way.


If my hair needs some volume or is looking particularly limp, then I will add some Superdrug Dry Shampoo to boost it and make it look and smell fresh, I really like Cocoa Brownie as it has a hint of brown it in, perfect for brunettes like myself!

Anyone who knows me, knows my nails are always long, I owe this to my Nan, who would lovingly to clip me round the ear every time I attempted to bite them as a child. Thanks, Nan! I don’t always have them painted because since being vegan my nails and hair have been so healthy, I haven’t needed to add anything to them, however, now Summer is here I want a splash of colour on my nails. It helps when I am showcasing the wonderful food I eat to have some nice nails to show off at the same time!


In particular my toes as they are about to be exposed and for me, this is a very naked feeling! I used the multi-award winning Maggie Anne’s nail varnish which glides on and most importantly stays on. I have tried so many nail varnish brands over the years that have had the most incredible shades but just don’t stay on. Maggie Anne’s stays on for a long time! My favourite colours are Rosie and Carmela. If you want stunning nails this Summer I recommend you try these.

Well there you go, my top to toe beauty advice for the Summer months, if you have any great vegan products you think I should know about drop me an email and let me know what you are using this Summer!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try a charcoal toothpaste but I’ve been too scared because I’m afraid it will taste bad. What does yours taste like? Thanks for sharing!


    1. It tastes like normal toothpaste, I thought the same as you but I promise it isn’t bad and has made my teeth so much whiter! 🙂


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