Saucy Summer

Summer is here and with so many vegan options for dinner, I think it is only right to have a sauce to meet every requirement, so I have been on the hunt for some delicious sauces, to add a little extra to the barbeque or any meal really that you want to enjoy to the fullest.

I will be uploading some of my favourite recipes for Summer gatherings in the next few weeks if you haven’t already checked out my coleslaw recipe then make sure you do!

Back to the sauce game, and first in with some truly punchy flavours we have the Crazy B*****d Sauces, which has transformed my dinners into truly spicy occasions. Not just heat though because they have depths of flavour that can not be matched. My favourite is probably the Trinidad Scorpion & clementine sauce, the Clementine works so well with the heat of the Scorpion chilli, I like to add this stews and soups, to give it some welly in the heat department, just a few drops will make the world of difference. They also have sauces to cater to those who don’t have such an adoration for heat, and these are also pretty delicious. The chipotle & pineapple is also great to marinate tofu etc for barbeques.


If heat if not your thing at all, then I have also sourced some delicious varieties of not so spicy condiments also, starting with Sauce Shop. Yes, this company has a very different take on sauces, with mushroom ketchup and lime and coriander sauce. The also make a superb sriracha which is something that I add to sausages when wanting a spicy dish, it also works so well in pasta sauces if you want to cook with it. The mushroom ketchup is a must for those who love mushrooms, it is absolutely delicious with a fry up and I really like it with sweet potato chips also for a balance of flavours. The lime and coriander sauce is heavenly and works so well with the vegan chicken, if you saw the tempeh chicken that I made a few weeks back, then this is sauce I used with it, it’s also great with salads, as it has such a fresh taste to it that it cuts through everything else. These are so worth having in the cupboard for when you want to add some variety to the plate.


Whilst we are on the top of ketchup, I have already mentioned Foraging Fox‘s beetroot ketchup but I will mention them again, and again, because they are one of my favourite discoveries. There are 3 varieties of ketchup, original, hot and smoked, all having their own glory of sorts. They are phenomenal and I have tried them with everything from tofu scramble to burgers they just make the most amazing alternative to tomato ketchup and the different flavours all work so well with the beetroot, it also adds such a wonderful burst of colour to the plate, I have never been able to eat it without someone asking me what it is!

2017-04-26 14.17.33

If you want a traditional tomato ketchup being it original or spicy then look no further, as Mr Organic, make the most delicious, obviously organic, no-nonsense ketchup, I have ever had. The richness of the tomatoes works so well as a classic sauce to be had with chips or in a sausage sandwich, the spicier sauce is perfect for adding to pizza bases and I even added some to nachos for the salsa element then added the peppers etc on afterwards. The also make a gorgeous mayonnaise, that is light and creamy, perfect for making sauces and dips with.


Mayonnaise is something I have been struggling to find since being vegan and other than as mentioned above the creamy and light mayo, I have found that the rest taste closer to salad cream than they do mayonnaise. Now, don’t get me wrong I love salad cream and I would happily eat a vegan version now if the right one came along but for me, I wanted to find a mayo that resembles the classic mayonnaise that was thick and unapologetic, and for that I have found the most realistic in Plamil, they have a range of flavours, but the classic is simply the best for that good dunking mayo, if you haven’t already given this a try!


Uncle Roy‘s have blown me away with their selection of pretty much everything you would ever need for cooking, be it sauces, seasonings or even edible flowers, they have it to offer and it is amazing. The sauce that stands out the most for me from their range is the ketchup and mustard Moffat Dollop sauce, which can be slathered on pretty much anything, I used it for my hotdogs, but it is great as a burger sauce, as well as to dunk chips in or onion rings.


I will be posting more sauces as I go and keep checking back for Summer recipes as I will be uploading them as I go all throughout the Summer. If there is a sauce you think I should know about then please drop me a message and I will be sure to check it out!


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  1. Maxine says:

    Great post! I love the sound of that Beetroot Ketchup ❤

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