Top Class Turtle Bay

I hopped along to Turtle Bay for dinner on Saturday, after hearing so many people rave about it, I thought it only right I test it for myself, with their many vegan options and the prospect of cocktails and reggae music, I for one was very excited. Accompanied by my dear friend, we sat and enjoy great food, drinks and music.

I opted for the Roots Culture cocktail to start with, well two of them actually as it was happy hour and my friend had punctured her tyre on route to the meal, which meant these were welcome. This cocktail consisted of Wray and Nephew rum, strawberry liqueur, raspberry, lime and lemonade all served with plenty of crushed ice in a snazzy cup, very easy to sip on, whilst in deep catch up mode.


For my starter I had the Trini Doubles, puffed roti, spiced chickpeas with cucumber and mango chutney and some delicious shredded coconut on top to round it all off, this was spicy and delicious The chickpeas were nice and hot, just how I liked them, these were devoured in no time.


Being a huge fan of the Marley’s when someone says that a dish is Robert’s favourite, I am all over it, so the Ital Rundown was a no brainer. Well, I am not surprised this is what this musical master based his diet on as this was an Ital dream, of coconut rundown sauce with butter beans, sweetcorn, carrots, sweet potato, coconut, seasoned to perfection served with coconut rice ‘n’ peas with some added roti flat bread on the side for well-needed dipping material. I also had some sweet potato chips because they are my favourite. All went down very well, the spices were incredible in this, the coconut added such richness, this is something I could eat every day, it was so simple yet delicious and there was no room for errors with this dish, so it is a good job there weren’t any.


After all of this, I had an ice cold water to wash it all down and was on my way. Not before saying goodbye and huge a thank you to the amazing staff. They had such great knowledge of the menu and knew exactly what was and wasn’t vegan, what could be made vegan and what to recommend which made the evening even better.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for somewhere to have a great meal in a chilled atmosphere, with great vegan options, amazing staff and excellent music. This place is perfect for Summer and if you are wanting to carry on the Caribbean vibe when you get home then you can always stream their playlist on Spotify, which is means that the night doesn’t have to end when you leave!

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