Elegant Elvira’s Secret Pantry

I struggled to start this review because quite honestly I didn’t know how to, very rarely am I speechless, but the arrival of delights from Elvira’s Secret Pantry left me just that.

I received a plethora of sweet and savoury items, that were all incredible, not just in taste, but the attention to detail of these items was second to none. They were incredible and I am honestly not exaggerating.


Let me start with the cakes, the blueberry and lemon mini loaf, was packed with blueberry that had effortlessly melted in the oven, the flavour of the lemon running through added a wonderful subtle zestiness to this already decadent loaf, the sponge was soft and moist and every mouthful was better than the last, (not that it took many mouthfuls for me to finish!).


I then had orange and coconut polenta cake, which was very light, beautifully presented and the flavours were magnificent, the aroma of the orange and the delicate flavours of the coconut made such a great pairing, with the base being polenta also it meant that this light and sumptuous treat really was divine.


Then on to some savoury delights, with a tomato and olive tartlet that had such attention to detail, the tartlet was so pretty and delicate but the flavours were unapologetically bold, with the richness of the olives and the sweetness balancing out in perfect pairing on the palate, this was probably the best vegan savoury item I have ever had.


The asparagus, artichoke and black olive flan came decoratively sprinkled with pine nuts, that added to the array of texture and flavour combinations, all of these ingredients being some of  my favourites, adding to the sheer joy of eating this, as with the tomato and olive tartlet the flavours had been balanced out perfectly making this such a savoury delight.


The fruit tartlets provoked emotions within my soul, with the blueberry and vanilla custard tartlet being simply majestic, with the tartness of the blueberry setting wonderfully against the silk smooth, creamy custard it was a match made in heaven, I ate this with a cup of tea and I don’t believe that my eyes opened from the first bite until the last.


Lastly, the raspberry and chocolate hazelnut custard tart, proving in one beautiful portion of yum, that vegans do not and will not ever go without the finest foods in life, as this nectarous delight was far better than any non-vegan dessert I have ever eaten.

I cannot recommend trying these enough, if you are in need of something extraordinary to serve at a dinner party or want to spoil yourself or others, then I think that these guys will have the perfect solution, you can find their stockists here or alternatively by getting in touch through the website. You will not regret trying these beauties, please let me know which ones you have opted for and how they tasted, I will be eating my way through the vegan range over the Summer and will be sure to post more of my adventures through their heavenly catalogue of yum!




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