Sumptious Summer Wines

Summer is a time for friends and wine. Wine is something that is so simple to suggest in a social situation but can make all the difference to a Summer’s day, which is why I have been working my way through some luscious wines so that I may share them with you.

I tried Pasquiers Grenache Cinsault Rosé for the first time last weekend and it was such a gorgeous rosé, it was suggested that I try it with mezze type foods to pair upon the palate with it smokey flavours and this worked a treat. Costing £8.00 at The Good Wine Shop, this is a steal, as it is beautiful wine to share with friends over a relaxed lunch in the garden. If you are a rosé drinker then this is definitely one for the Summer list of ‘must try’s’.

Moving on to the white wine section with a sumptuous La Lotte, Chablis available at Grape Sense in Chalk Farm and Wine Net in Dulwich. This Burgundy  Chablis is dry yet refreshing and quite frankly, very easy to drink in the midday sun. I would recommend this for a barbecue, nicely chilled before serving for a crisp white wine with lemon, white peppercorns and honeysuckle that works wonderfully with salads and typically all thing Summer.

Lastly, the Les Coteaux Tufiers, Vouvray Demi-Sec priced at an understandable £11.50 at The Good Wine Shop, now, it was suggested to me, that I try this with some Asian cuisine, which suited me very well, so I opted to try it with some teriyaki tofu and a dish similar to Pad Thai and I completely understand why this works. This wine compliments Asian foods so well, it is probably the wine I will be stocking up on the most, as it had such a great connection on the palate with these foods that I love so much and complimented the meal to completion, they go hand in and hand, which means I now will have to eat all of my Thai foods with this beautiful wine.

I will be continuing my wine journey through France and Spain over the Summer and early Autumn months, but for now these 3 are the best I have found so far to add to the Summer months and make dining and entertaining that little bit more delightful. It goes with out saying though, please drink responsibly, and if you are supposed to be driving home, then it is better to not drink at all. I will be posting some non alcoholic options for the non drinkers to browse, and if you want something immediately to aid your designated driver friends, then feel free to check out my other drink blogs for some inspiration.

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