Chocolate X Love

I love chocolate. There, I’ve said it and if you didn’t already know, now you do. I am a fully confessed chocoholic, whose idea of too much chocolate is yet to be discovered, (I’m 27).

Since being vegan, dark chocolate has been something I have welcomed into my life with open arms, and the quality of dark chocolate varies greatly! With this being said I have made it my mission to taste every piece of dark chocolate I can lay my hands on and so far, I haven’t done badly.

I was first attracted to Chocolate and Love because of their tremendously tropical wrappers, they look stunning! That is before you have unwrapped the chocolate and tasted their winning flavour combinations. Their chocolate is rich but without being bitter, I like dark chocolate to have an edge, but there is a line and for me, these chocolate bars are well and truly in the safe zone.

The richness comes through in a way that screams good quality chocolate, they have even managed to balance out their chocolate with coffee, without being too bitter….genius! They have such great flavours and they really are different from any other chocolate I have tasted to date because of the whole experience. These beautifully wrapped bars of heaven, are perfect as a gift to a loved one, especially one who knows their chocolate.

Their Panama 80% dark chocolate is simply regal, it is majestic in the world of chocolate, it is dark of course, but it is full bodied and rich without being over powering or too bitter, it is the perfect chocolate to sit and watch a film with as it is rich enough to enjoy slowly, if unlike me, you have self-control.

The peppermint crunch is a wonderful concoction of textures and flavour, minty chocolate being a favourite of mine. This is delectable and deep with flavour and texture, it is the kind of chocolate bar I would like for every birthday for the rest of my life, in abundance. It is probably my favourite chocolate bar to date. That is a big statement.

The orange chocolate is also pretty tasty, it has the richness that I have come to expect from these decadent bars, with a great deal of orange running through it, it was bold but with consideration for balance. Again, this has pretty much become the norm with these chocolates as they are all balanced so perfectly.


Their self-acclaimed ‘Rich Dark’ 71% chocolate was just that and it made such a wonderful additional, to all of the other bars that I myself would have described as just that! I used this to top my cupcakes for a truly decadent finish and the gloss that this beautiful chocolate has when melted is perfect for this.

I am so impressed with their variety of chocolates, I really think they should the beginning of anyone’s journey into the dark chocolate world. They are simply beautiful inside and out, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have a chocolate treat they will remember for a long time!


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