First Class Four to Eight

Just off of Aldwych lies Four to Eight, named on the premise that Italian food has four to eight ingredients only, in each dish. This I discovered when speaking with the wonderful owner. On arrival this stunning restaurant looked inviting, we were greeted immediately and served some much required ice cold water!

When we first arrived we were faced with a troubling ultimatum, I prefer to drink red wine at dinner time, my friend white wine, the wonderful waitress took care of this, by providing us with a 2015 Mannara, Syrah, a Sicilian wine, that did indeed convert my ‘non-red’ friend. This was a fruity and light wine, perfect for an evening meal, and a must for dining catch-ups.

Looking at the menu, I was happy to see there were a few vegan options for starter and main. I already knew I wanted the risotto, as I love risotto and wanted to try this one out, however, there were other options and the wonderful waitress knew the menu off by heart and it’s ingredients, so this made the ordering process easy.


For starter I had tempura ‘Hen of the Woods’ with walnut ketchup, I will admit that I had to ask the waitress what exactly this was but upon being told it was a mushroom, I was sold. What a great decision! Possible one of the most delicious mushroom I have ever had, with such a unique texture and flavour, the tempura was dense enough to hold it with a crisp outer shell and the walnut ketchup added decadence to this already rich but simple dish. I liked these mushrooms so much I asked the owner where I can buy them, I will keep you updated when I find them and cook with them!


I had Mushroom Risotto for my main, which was bold. Hands down the best risotto I have had to date, it was exceptional. The portion size was spot on, the rice was cooked to perfection and the taste of mushroom was unapologetic and for me, that is exactly what I was looking for. The mixed wild mushrooms gave this dish a good depth of flavour and I was very impressed. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is or isn’t vegan.


Pineapple Carpaccio is one of my all-time favourite desserts, so when I saw it on the menu it was a must that I would have it! This did not disappoint, the fresh pineapple acted as a nest for the indulgent coconut sorbet that just brought this dish together, as the sharpness of the pineapple met the smoothness of the coconut on the palate and a stunning dish to conclude this extraordinary meal.

As always, I had a mint tea, that came with the most beautiful tea pot, ( I love things like this!), it added such a nice touch. This help to digest the wealth of food I had consumed and 3 and a half hours had flown by as my best friend and I had caught up on each other live’s, whilst eating delicious food and admittedly partaking in some people watching.

This is the perfect place to have dinner before a theatre show, as it is so close to so many of the theatres that grace Aldwych. Though I would also recommend it for an epic first date, as I saw a few love birds enjoying their dinner together and it really is such a gorgeous place.

It has an amazing atmosphere and the owner and staff are absolutely fantastic. I also love the way that the owner confessed he is not vegan, though can often go without eating meat and likes vegan dishes, this shows through the menu, as it is a carefully thought of selection of delicious options for vegans. They will answer any questions you have and they are just as passionate about food as I am, so I salute them!

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