Piglet in Vegabond!

As I was camping whilst in Holland, I wanted to prepare some of my meals myself, as there are always times when you want to make your own food and for me, it was important to find somewhere I could get some good vegan snacks.

I had been shopping in LIDL for the basics such as salad items and houmous but wanted some vegan cheese or sandwich items to make my lunches for some of the days and some evening snacks, as I often have a sandwich/snack in the evenings at home, standard piglet eating habits.

I googled to find a vegan shop in Amsterdam and found a wonderful place called Vegabond. Not only does this place sell so many amazing vegan products, (lots of items that we can’t get in the UK), they also offer food to eat whilst you there.

I won’t bore you too much with my love for spinach parcels but as a child, my Mum’s work colleague would make the most amazing spinach parcels just for me, and I have grown up with such a fondness for them, though sadly as they usually include cheese so have not been able to find any since becoming vegan… until now. Oh boy! This vegan spinach and cheese parcel was fantastic, it was reminiscent of my childhood memories and I enjoyed this greatly.

I also loved their doughnuts, two options on the day I went a cinnamon ring doughnut and a chocolate glazed doughnut that was simply stunning. Not only did both of these doughnuts look incredible they tasted beyond any possible idea I had of how good they could be. DEcadent, probably highly calorific and ultimately satisfying these are the best doughnuts I have ever had. In fact, I would say that I think I will most probably be popping into Vegabond every time I visit Amsterdam from now on.

I also bought some vegan goodies to take away a regular cheese favourite of mine Violife, which I bought in cheddar slices and a brand of ham I have never had before but was very nice, Hobelz, which came in wafer thin slices with pieces of olive in. It made an excellent sandwich ham.

They also had options to cook such as vegan pizzas and sausages as well as other treats such as vegan ice cream. In short, this is a one stop shop for everything delicious and vegan. If you are in Amsterdam – DO NOT MISS IT!

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