Vegan at Camping Zeeburg

While staying at the wonderful Camping Zeeburg I thought it only right that I tried out their vegan options on the restaurant menu, there were many, but this did not phase me and so I proceeded in true Piglet style, to devour almost every option available. Before I begin to describe the amazing food that I ate here, I would firstly like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to the wonderful staff who were attentive and caring throughout the entire dining experiene and a made the evening memorable.

Starting with the Morrocan style chickpea soup and Pan-fried mushrooms with white wine, garlic and fresh herbs, that was served with the most delicious toasted bread. Both were delicious, in entirely different ways!

The soup was thick and rich with a deep tomato flavour and a good deal of chickpea goodness. It was unapologetic in flavour and boldness and the day after I ate I returned the restaurant the next day for soup at lunch time and it had completely sold out! This is a winning dish for when you want something warm and indulgent to fill you up!

As a mushroom fanatic, I consider most mushroom dishes a triumph, however, this was a particularly delicious starter because it was rich with the undeniable flavour of rich mushroomy goodness and the wine and garlic worked superbly to round this dish into something that was quite frankly scrumptious, the bread soaked up all of the juices at the end! Definitely, would suggest this any mushroom fans out there!

Next up was the Dutch Weed Burger a whopper of a burger made from seaweed and soy in a delightful green bun with a side of your choice, naturally we went for one with chips and another with couscous to make sure all based were covered. This was served with the usual burger topping of salad and tomato inside and gratefully they served this with a vegan mayo which was epic. The burger itself was filling and so yummy, the bun was pleasing to the eye and the palate and the sides were pretty good also.

The chips were traditional chips, as in the type you would find in a chip shop back home, crunch on the outside and fluffy on the inside, exactly how I like my chips.

The couscous was outstanding, you can order the couscous as a main by itself and I would order this for lunch if I went again because it was such a refreshing couscous with sweet potato, sunflower seeds and orange dressing this really complimented the burger and made the whole dish complete in my opinion.

For dessert, it was the between the coconut milk panna cotta with red fruit and the Chocolate and banana fudge brownie with salted pecan, obviously, it would be ridiculous to have to choose between them, so I tried both!

The panna cotta was indulgent, the sweetness of the coconut milk contrasted so well with the zing of the red berries, which were rich with a sour and sweet taste that complimented the panna cotta so well. I thoroughly enjoyed this but I made sure that I also had room in my tummy for the brownie.

The brownie was a decadent display of just how tasty vegan food can be. It was dense and delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed this so much that I think it was a good job this came at the end of the meal or I could easily have ordered several more slices. Chocolate and banana is a classic combination and this dish is no exception. I would highly recommend this to end your delicious meal at Camping Zeeburg.

For drinks whilst eating, I had several different flavours from a brand called Naturfrisk, I have never had their drinks before but they offered such a refreshing selection during my meal. I had raspberry, mint and mint, as well as another brand Schulp’s pear juice which since returning home from Holland has been a firm favourite. If you haven’t already tried pear juice, then you really should it is absolutely gorgeous!

At the end of a wonderful meal, it was nice to sit in the lovely restaurant that reminded me of a ski chalet for some reason. It had an open fire and was so inviting, it was such a great place to enjoy wonderful vegan food and soak up the atmosphere. If you are staying at Camping Zeeburg then you really must pop along for some delicious bites and if you aren’t then it is worth staying here just for the food! Though I have posted a full review on the campsite also and would recommend both to anyone who likes to have a good time!

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