Mulino Pods Paradise

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you me being lost for words is a rare thing owing to the fact that, to put it bluntly, I have always got something to say. When I arrived at the Mulino Pods and saw the stars from the decking area of my pod, I was exactly that – speechless. It was sensational. There were hundreds of stars and the sky was so clear, that it was almost hard to believe that it was a late November night and that it was such a beautiful one.


The pod itself was cosy with a wonderfully welcoming bed and a kettle station to make a hot drink, that would be very useful as a hand warmer for star gazing! The pod was very warm and just what I needed for a place to relax and rejuvenate. It was very accommodating with a fridge to store my copious sandwich fillings and the speedy internet was very much appreciated to catch up on the digital world.


The toilets were close by with a wonderful shower and it was very nice and warm, which was welcomed in the Winter months. I was impressed by the bathroom as it really was immaculate and really rather luxurious for a pod toilet.


The Info room was in the same area as the toilets and the kitchen, this was where we collected our keys and welcome book, complete with a cute little welcome message. In fact, the whole of the Info room was adorable with an Honesty Shop with everything from fire making materials to drinks, this was a one-stop shop should you have forgotten anything.


There were also maps and leaflets for fun things to do in the area and very generously, there were things you may have forgotten that were not included in the honesty box such as foil and other cookery items, that were free to use. This I thought was a lovely touch because so often we forget things and don’t want to buy a whole roll or bottle of something just for a few nights.

Here you would find the guestbook also, which of course was full of wonderful words from previous guests, as unsurprisingly they have found themselves impress in this paradisical pod experience too!

The kitchen had hobs to cook on as well as a sink to keep things, should you wish to cook yourself something whilst enjoying your stay. There was a wonderful large picnic bench outside of our pod on our own private decking which faced away from all of the other pods, to give your superb and absolute privacy. This was ideal for the evening time when I wanted to wrap up warm (in my pyjamas) and watch the star with a cup of tea and a large baguette. It was simply magical time, this is a place for a quality time and where you really will lose track of time.


The only thing I wish I could change was the length of time I stayed here because I would have stayed for so much longer, would have I of know how much I would enjoy the silence bliss of the Ashbourne hillsides. The views in the morning were breathtaking and I found myself staring out for quite some time, taking in this incredible vast greenery around that was now fulfilling my 360 vision.


If you are looking for somewhere nestled in to a Peak District hillside with views of greenery as far as the eye can see, then this is the place for you, not only was it silent and still at night time but it was the most beautiful view in the daytime and wonderfully comfortable pod to catch up on sleep and relaxation – 10/10 would suggest to Mulino Pods to everyone!


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