What’s New? Lush goodies, awards and other good stuff

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know I have been quite ill over the last week or so and have been pretty much homebound, which hasn’t been much fun, though luckily I did have some amazing items I am going to be sharing with you in depth later on, but for now I can’t wait to share some with you as a bit of a preview of what is to come.


The lovely people at Lush invited me down to the opening of their new store in Westfield White City,  where I took two of my besties and tried out lots of seasonal products as well as some of their store exclusive products and I will be sharing all of them with you in a full blog post a bit later on this week, when I am fully better but for now, I have to tell you about their cream eggs, here is how Lush poetically describe it – ‘If you’re looking for a cracking good bath, a Cream Egg is the way to go. As you crumble this mint-chocolate scented bubbleroon under running water, Fair Trade organic cocoa and Fair Trade shea butters melt, turning the water into an irresistibly softening, sweet lagoon. Spearmint tones the skin and refreshes your mood as you soak, making you feel eggsellent. If you’re feeling blue, scramble this speckled egg for bright neon water.’ So, you can quite easily see how this would be perfect for when you are feeling under the weather and it helped me no end. This is just the beginning of their gorgeous range of vegan Easter/Spring specials that I can’t wait to share with you guys, including my favourite of the bars shown above the Banana Skin bar, all I will say for now is – complete game changer.


Whilst feeling completely in the mood to enjoy Easter but at the same time not where near ready to tackle day to day life another pick me up came in handy and this was Doughnut Time‘s vegan doughnuts, yes, of course, I am a huge fan of doughnuts and since being vegan have made it my mission to eat as many doughnuts as possible to test out their quality (obviously). Seeing that I haven’t been well and knowing the way to my heart, my sweetheart decided he would surprise me with 3 of Doughnut Time’s finest vegan doughnuts, including their Easter doughnut – Every Bunny Dance Now, a chocolate Easter delight which was so decadent and delicious, I really hope that they make this into a year-round doughnut because it was immense!


I ate this is no time at all as well as their other vegan delights – Houston, We Have Biscoff complete with coffee glaze along with luscious toppings of caramel buttercream and chocolate drizzle all rounded off with a Lotus biscuit, and yes, that is all on one doughnut hard to believe but much easier to eat! The 3rd doughnut I had was the Berry Seinfeld a cream glaze topped doughnut with sprinkles and filled with blueberry jam, which is a very nice change from the usual strawberry jam and was absolutely incredible.


I will also be sharing with you some of the new recipes I have been working on and am really proud of because I have made this year for me, less of a dieting one and more of healthy eating year. It has completely altered the way that I look at food and meant that I cant eat so much more of the foods I love but rather than working out the calories, I have made a conscious effort to make as much of the food I can from scratch and although I don’t want to rule out mock meats completely, I have been trying to cut down on the amount I rely on it by making quick easy meals myself.


If you want to be more up to date with what I am up to and eating then follow me on Instagram where I post regularly what I am eating and what I have been up to and that brings mevery proudly to my last point of this catch up – I am very very happy to annouce that I have been voted 87th in the top 100 plant based bloggers which for me is unbelievable as when I started this I genuinely didn’t mind if 1 person ate less meat because of me, I just wanted to get my point accross so to feature anywhere on a list of wonderful plant based bloggers is humbling for me.

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