Dinner at Unity Diner

I was actually so excited to try the food at Unity Diner. Their Instagram looked amazing and I love how these vegan restaurants are opening up around London, which is why I went down as quickly as possible.

The layout of the restaurant is super cool, with a simple but classy decor style and an open kitchen/bar area.

The first thing I have to say is that the wait for food and drinks here was way too long for our liking. We arrived at half 5 and were told the mains wouldn’t be available until 6, which was not so much of an issue as we had the Tofish bites to share and a drink to tide us over.

When the mains came the both looked aesthetically pleasing, however my main the steak and wedges consisted of threw wedges and the most miniscule serving of kale. Given the fact I had waited for this I was not best pleased, we also had the burger and some sweet potato fries which were a lot more filling.

After finishing our meal, this is were unfortunately the night was completely ruined for us, as we waited 45 minutes to pay the bill and our table wasn’t cleared in this time either.

I appreciate it is a new restaurant and I also understand that with the first weeks of opening there may be some teething issues. We have agreed to go back in a few months and try it out again as the food was really tasty but there just needed to be more of it and a little less waiting.

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