Autumn/Winter Hydration

It may not be as obvious that you need to stay as hydrated in the colder months as we do in the warmer ones but it it a topic I have found myself talking to so many people about,always at this time of year. For those of us who live in London, I am sure we can all agree we have jumped on a tube in the colder months in several layers to fight the cold and found it significantly warmer than it was outside, wishing we had water to hand to make us feel a little refreshed.

Being hydrated is vital to everyday health but in the warmer months particularly when there is artificial heat, it is so important to give your body the water it needs to ensure you are feeling healthy, that your hair and skin isn’t drying out and it is a great way to help avoid illnesses such as colds too.

You may remember some months ago I had spoken about the BWT water filters, along with their filtration jug to insure I am always drinking enough water and the difference in my how clear my skin is and how shiny my hair is, has not gone unnoticed with my friends and family. As well as being vegan to maintain a healthy lifestyle, hydration is key to making sure I always feel focused and ready for my next adventure.Of course, there are many options when it comes to what we drink to stay hydrated and I often like to make a stock based soup with plenty of veggies to pack in the vitamins and minerals as well as staying hydrated at the same time. Easy to make ahead of time and perfect for a lunch at your desk, though I do not suggest it!

If you want to check out their products then please feel free to do so here, I would highly recommend their jugs with easy to change filters, for permanent access to clean filtered drinking water. We use a 2.7 litre jug which is enough to keep us hydrated as we go throughout the day. I usually fill it up before I go to bed and then pour enough water for me to take with me for the day ahead, it is so quick and easy to refill that there is filtered water in no time at all. We use the filtered water in our kettle too and have seen a significant decrease in the amount of limescale produced.

If you do decide to buy a jug then be sure to let me know which one of their awesome colours you choose too as there are plenty to suit everyone’s taste! Hydration is so important to me and although I know it will be a no brainer so a lot of others out there, some people find it harder to remember to drink enough water, which is why it is such a good idea to get a jug where you can measure the amount of water you are filtering ready to drink whenever is convenient for your throughout the day!

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