Veganuary with Riverford

Happy new year to all of my wonderful readers! 2019, here we are and I am back at it again, showing everyone I can, just how easy being vegan is! I find that even though I am not one of those ‘this year is my year’ people, I am not saying it is a bad thing at all, I guess I am more of a long game type of person. Veganary to me, is the beginning of that long game, being vegan is by far the best thing I have ever done and for those wanting to start the year off right, it is the best place to start.

Their website has so many recipes and tips, as well as of course thousands of other websites packed with information and ideas to keep you plant based for the first month of the year. I recently tried Riverford’s vegan recipe boxes and thought I would shared them with you all if you are looking for a little inspiration. The great thing about these boxes is that they are delivered to you door with all the ingredients you need to make some great meals. Don’t worry if you aren’t the greatest cook, they come with straightforward easy to follow recipes and you can even choose whether you would like a meal that is quick to make or one that you don’t mind spending a little more time on.

I tried out one of their faster meals and one of the slightly longer meals and both were undeniably delicious, to the point, I was in disbelief that I had made them! Both meals were healthy and tasty and they looked great too! The paella was the slightly longer recipe though it was so easy to follow and the flavours were great, my partner who very rarely eats paella loved it and it is one we will definitely be ordering again as it was filling and there was plenty for both of us which made very nice lunch for the next day.

Although the recipe is slightly longer, the prep was very quick it was mainly the cooking that took the majority of the time and as all the ingredients are given in th exact measures you need, there is no need for you to work out any quantities etc, so it really is so simple. The majority of the work for me was washing and choppinng veggies which took next to no time at all and the meal came together in less than an hour so it was perfect for a Friday night treat. Not to mention that with the fresh vegetables it looked so vibrant and appetising and it really did taste good!


The second meal was an outstanding pasta dish it was quick to make and tasted remarkable, so different to any pasta I had made before with spring greens and hazelnuts this healthy dish with so many texture and flavour combinations took minutes to put together and tasted delicious. It was so easy and that is coming from a culinary novice!

I really liked that everything was all ready for me to cook all I had to do was prep the fresh vegetables and actually in doing so, it was such a nice feeling knowing what I was putting in to my dinner and how wholesome it was. 2 healthy meals provided by Riverford that I didn’t even have to think about, making Veganuary just that little bit easier! I would 100% recommend them to friend and family, in fact – I already have!

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