Getting Greedy at The Green Room

A few weeks ago we went to see The Philharmonic Orchestra at The Royal Festival hall and before the concert we went to dinner at The Green Room. I had seen online that they had vegan options but was not at all prepared for what we were about to experience. This funky restaurant has been decorated with recycled proper from the National Theatre, which I think is pretty awesome.

We were immediately greeted by a very friendly, smiley member of staff and sat at a table right in the window we was perfect! The lovely waitress presented us with the menu and here is where I started to get a bit greedy… I saw that they had a delicious burger and dessert, which initially I thought would be enough but then I saw that they had Vegan ‘clam’ chowder on the menu and I could not pass up on the chance of tasting that!


The ‘clam’ chowder was amazing! It had mushrooms for ‘clams’ and a very satisfying umami flavour running through the dish. it was the perfect starter for a cold evening and something totally different to anything I had eaten before. It was also totally Instagrammable and very delicious – with a slice of lemon to add freshness and some acidity and melba toast for ultimate dipping pleasure.

For mains we both chose the burger Teriyaki vegan burger, it was the best burger I have ever had – period. I have had a lot of vegan burgers and this was by far the tastiest, with the best texture and ingredients and I could eat it again and again, but Plant Based Pooh Bear has told me that a burger like this should be treated as an ultimate treat. We do plan to go back very soon though as nothing can keep me away from this perfectly seasoned, juicy, red cabbage, apple and kale coleslaw filled burger. We order one side of normal chips and one of sweet potato and shared them, both were perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle.

Now, with vegan meals, maybe it is just us but we have always found that desserts can be a bit of a let down. Don’t get me wrong – I like sorbet but I am always a little disappointed when that is all that is on the menu. Which is why I got extra greedy in The Green Room as they had Sticky Toffee pudding with salted caramel ice cream, now I don’t know about you but that was something I could not ignore on the menu and HALLELUJAH – I am so glad I didn’t because this was a dessert that I honestly think about more times than perhaps I should. The ice cream had such a great flavour to it and the sticky toffee pudding was ambrosial, pure heavenly sweet stuff. The perfect amount of sweetness with the savoury element of the salty caramel keeping it all wonderfully balanced.
I could not fault this meal from the moment we walked in the service was exceptional, the food was outstanding, the pricing was reasonable and we had a meal that we will always remember. This is one of the best meals I have ever had and will be taking my vegan and non vegan friends here, who I am sure will all be very impressed.

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