I’m back!

Firstly, let me start by saying I am sorry it has been so long since my last blog, it isn’t because I don’t want to blog, I have just been so busy with my new job and a few other bits of pieces but I have still been posting on Instagram and I do plan on spamming you guys with some reviews. We usually go out at least once or twice a week for dinner so I have tried to include as many places as I can, so I didn’t remember to take photos of but I will be going to many more place so am going to am to get back on top of things and give you a good idea of just how many places have amazing vegan options.

Secondly, I am almost at 10,000 followers on Instagram, I didn’t start this blog or Instagram for followers, I started it because I wanted to make a difference, to show that being doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. I look back at my first posts and how the quality was so poor but remember how passionate I was to share my food. The simpler the food on the plate the better, meals you can make when you come home, knackered from work and just want something quick that you can demolish in no time.

To say I am humbled by my following is an understatement, I am beyond grateful that people are interested in what I post and give me such a great support from people all around the world amazes me. With that being said I am also incredibly proud of my self as I have worked hard to share with you all the vegan meals I possibly can and give great content both on my blog and on my Instagram. Thank you so much to all of you and stay tuned for many reviews to come in the next few days!

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