Beating My Monday Blues at All Bar One

Monday’s for me, are a days of generally feeling jet lagged from traveling from the joys of relaxed weekends to the destination of adult life that can leave us all feeling a little out of sorts. If I can afford cooking on a Monday then I will 100% avoid it.

So this Monday we decided to go to All Bar One for dinner as I had seen o many Instagram posts they had some good vegan options and I had just signed up their app and saw I has a free G and T voucher and that just sold it to me.

We went to the All Bar One two minutes away from Tower Bridge and the decor was really nice. I immediately felt relaxed and ready to enjoy my large gin and tonic with some yummy vegan dishes.

We started with the crushed avocado bruschetta it has a really tasty salsa on it was very nicely presently. The bruschetta was bite size too which was nice to pick up and eat rather than using a knife and fork as we were sharing.

For mains Pooh Bear had the secret item that was on the menu -vegan lasagne which he loved it was so tasty with a delicious vegan became sauce with lentils, mushrooms and courgettes. It was presented really nicely and made for a very satisfying and filling dish.

I went for the The Power Of Five which was simply epic. It was under 300 calories with chargrilled brocolli, butternut squash, aubergine, mushroom, peppers and nigella seeds in a fantastic sesame and miso sauce that was rich with umami flavours and so moreish all topped with a rice noodle cracker that looked so aesthically pleasing. The dish tasted as good as it looked and it now going to be a regular for me when cooking is not on the menu for my day!

For dessert I had Raspberry & coconut sorbets, which I wouldn’t usually go for as I have had my fair share of the only vegan desserts in restaurants being vegan but they had sold out of their banana dessert and I actually enjoyed it to finish the meal after such bold flavours in the main dish.

The staff were very friendly but I do have to say the one negative was the waiting time for service and when it came to paying the bill we waited for a good while before we went up to the bar and asked if we could pay there to speed up the process. This was the only downside of the meal as the food was really nice and reasonably priced too.

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