Christmas In Amsterdam

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post this blog and I even contemplated not posting it because it was too late, however, I think it is important to share the amazing food we had whilst we were there and the plethora of vegan options from cheap and cheerful to a little bit pricey but definitely delicious and everything in between.

We were in Amsterdam from 20th -27th December and we travelled out via Eurostar with me eating an M&S vegan Xmas sandwich at 6:30 in the morning. The Eurostar was a great way to travel as we arrived in Amsterdam Centraal station and stayed in Naarden Bussum a very nice town about 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam. We rented an apartment for the week with the view to relax but ended up walking around for hours everyday because this is our favourite city in the world.

We have always found it really easy to eat out in Amsterdam but this time as we had a full equipt kichen in our apartment, we went food shopping and as was very happy when we found lots of vegan products redily available in most supermarkets. They were all around the same price as here too and had so many options, it was nice to feel that we could get what we wanted or eat out and we had some prety epic meals both at home and when eating out too.


We ate A LOT of meals from Moaz, a vegan falafel shop that made the most divine mushroom pittas, they were so cheap and so tasty, especially with their garlic sauce. Their garlic sauce was so rich and a perfect for drowning the pitta bread, and dipping chips in and practically drinking everyday, which is what I did, (hence why I took a photo when I had just added the green and red chilli sauce, not the garlic or you would’t have been able to see what was underneath). The mushrooms were really meaty and had such great texture, then you can choose what salad you want in it. I mixed mine up every day for a bit of variety. They have entirely vegan stores and are open until late. They don’t have too much room to sit down inside but you can eat this on the go and it didn’t take me long to inhale mine. They also make great chips so if mushrooms are your thing, then this is great place to go for a chip pit stop.


Another favourite place of ours in Amsterdam that we go to every time is Sugo Pizza they have great choices of vegan pizzas which you can buy by the slice, they staff are always so helpful and friendly too. The restaurant always has great seating and it is a great place to catch your breath and fill your tummy, whilst people watching as the entire restaurant front is glass! We like to mix it up with some mild and spicy slices but there is always at least 2 vegan options and often more.

We did eat in quite a few nights, or we wuold eat before we headed in to town so we would only have sweet treats when we were out, either way our bellies were very full from the beginning to the end of the trip. Here is a few photos of some of the meals we cooked.


Due to a mix up with one of the vegan restaurants we cooked at home for Xmas day but we actualy didn’t mind as we got to spend some good quality time together catching up on box sets and putting the world to rights. We also quite liked exploring the town and surroudings of where we were staying too so didn’t always feel the need to travel in to Amsterdam.


When it comes to sweet treats there is one place in town that is the true sanctuary for those sweet of tooth and that is of course Vegabond. Their vegan options are beyond compare as far as I am concerned, we have never been to Amsterdam and not been here and it is a trend for us to get there when it is super busy.

The staff as so amazingly kind and always find us a few stools to add on to the end of the table which we love because it is in the middle of the shops part of this cafe, where they have so many vegan products to buy.

We often end up bringing something new to try ‘home’, thought with the best designs in the world to take our new bought tasty goods back to the UK, we have not yet managed to not eat everything that same day. This time we got a sausage roll as we thought we would give their savoury efforts a go and we were so happy we did! They just can’t go wrong in our eyes, everything we have eaten or bought is simply yummy yummy yummy!

I know what you’re thinking, well those of you who have Instagram anyway, surely I couldn’t go to Amsterdam and not try the food at Vegan Junk Food Bar, well you’re right. I has a originally planned to go on Christmas Day as I had emailed previously and they had said they were open but another message on Xmas day confirmed they were closed and so we had to go another day. We went the day we were travelling home and what a delight! They were so busy inside we had to sit outside which was absolute fine for us and we actually really enjoyed it as the sun was starting to make an appearance.

We had two burgers, with two different types of fries with two different types of dips. We basically wanted to try a large chunk of the menu so that next time we go we would do the same an eventually ‘conquer’ the entire menu, that and we were extremely hungry!

Plant Based Pooh Bear chose to eat the Daddy McChik’n which is a decadent burger compiled of two vegan ‘chicken’ patties, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles and fried onions, all topped off with their ‘Daddy’ sauce. Pretty good for a hungry person I would say he was rather satisfiedas from his first bite to his last his eyes were closed!

I opted for the Shawarma Royal which was basically all my birthdays and Christmases at once, it was beyond amazing plant-based shawarma pieces with lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and their special garlic sauce. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. So glad that the food tasted as good as it looked, which considering how good it looks is harder than it looks!

Now just in case you are thinking that we didn’t eat anything but chips and burgers the entire trip, we also found an Ethiopian restaurant that had the best food, healthy, wholesome and hearty. It also was so cheap and a great way to spend an evening in an authentic Ethiopian restaurant. the lady who I believe owned the restaurant was only too happy to help us with what was vegan on the menu and we actually had quote a few options.

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