Impressive at Mayfair Chippy

Back in January, I went to The Mayfair Chippy for my Dad’s birthday meal and would you Adam and Eve it – they had vegan options. Yes – vegan fish and chips with mushy peas, tartare sauce and gravy!

At this point I wasn’t quite sure who’s birthday it was – mine or my Dad’s. My parents both liked the vegan ‘fish’ to which was a result and the gravy and tartare were so good.

The staff were really friendly and the food was delicious, they use fried jack fruit and tofu to make the ‘fish’ with lemon to give a great flavour. The batter was beautiful and the chips were absolutely spot on!

I would highly recommend this place if you are craving a chip tea the Vegan Classic is about £17 but it is a decent portion size and very yummy, so it is definitely a treat and not an everyday place to go but it is great if you want something extra special.

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