Breakfast at The Gallery Cafe

Myself and Pooh Bear have been working so hard these last few weeks and we decided that this weekend would be the weekend, we would do nothing but eat and relax. Naturally our body clocks had other ideas and we were both awake by 8am on Saturday and ready to move. We decided we would have a nice relaxed breakfast at The Gallery Cafe, a restaurant that has been on my radar for a while now and boy, am I glad we went to check it out.

I think when you return to a restaurant twice in one day, that is a sure sign that they are doing something right. They were actually doing everything right, from the gorgeous food to the lovely staff, everything was perfect for the ultimate Saturday morning dining experience. To top it all off this is non profit organisation who give back to their community which I think is amazing!

We both had the Full English with English breakfast teas and were blown away by the amount of flavour in the breakfast. The breakfast is just under £9, which for London pricing and the size of the breakfast I think is pretty reasonable. The Full English, including their own take on baked beans, 2 sausages, tofu scramble, a gorgeous tomato, mushrooms, spinach, toast and cubed potatoes.

All of the breakfast was very satisfying, the tofu scramble was exceptional and their baked beans were so tasty I would have loved to have had these on toast with cheese. They were smokey and you could taste how much healthier they were than the usual sugar filled canned version. The addition of the potatoes sealed this dish as a substantial start to the day.

We had 2 cups of tea each with this breakfast of champions and thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the back of the restaurant in the window with the sunshine coming through. We were so impressed that we went to visit a local hospice for a charity raising open day and ended up back at The Gallery Cafe a little later on for a cupcake with another cup of tea before walking down to Victoria Park and enjoying a meander in the sunshine. The perfect way to start a lazy weekend.

We are planning to go back to The Gallery Cafe this weekend to try out their lunch options instead, though I can’t promise, that I won’t eat the breakfast too!

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