Friday Night at Bull and Gate

Last Friday we went for a bite to eat after work at the Bull and Gate one of our favourite pubs to eat in, located in the very trendy area of Kentish Town. The restaurant part of the pub is separate the pub which was lovely to see so busy on a Friday night with so many happy people enjoying the new found British sun all in good spirits as the weather had turned a much need corner from wind and rain to sunshine.
The restaurant was a little quieter which was nice as we were able to enjoy a lovely romantic meal. The vegan options are delicious and we loved their vegan roast that we tried last year. This year the Spring menu is just as strong with some delicious options clearly marked as vegan, along with some vegetarian options that can be adapted to be made vegan also.


We started off with a cheers to finishing the weekend, I had a cider and Pooh Bear had a IPA perfect cold, thirst quenching drinks to start the weekend off with! It is worth mentioning at this point that the staff could not be kinder here, they not only know the menu inside out and are able to answer any questions but they also offer honest opinions as to which dishes we would like best and everything they suggested we loved!

We started with the roasted sweet potato and butternut squash soup which was perfect! The perfect start to a meal at the end of a long week, when yes, the sun is out but we aren’t fooled we still needing some warming comfort food, for when it disappears behind a cloud again! The soup was so good, seasoned well with the natural sweet and earthy flavours coming through well from these healthy root vegetables.

We also had the garlic mushrooms which can be adapted to be made vegan with a butternut squash puree that was perfect for dipping these sumptuous mushrooms in. Luckily for me, my other half does not like mushrooms, so I got this starter all to myself and I enjoyed it greatly!

For the mains we decided to go with the team’s recommendations, both were sensational. The first being vegetable filled filo pastry parcel and the second a beetroot and rice salad both packed full of flavour and texture combinations that we enjoyed immensely. The filo parcel was exceptional, filled with aubergine, mushrooms and peppers, topped off with a romesco sauce, that made this dish so tasty and such great dish for the warmer months, served with al dente broccoli which was a nice added crunch. This is a dish I will be returning to have with my friends and one that I knew my girlfriends would love, if we went there for a girly dinner.

The beetroot and rice salad was amazing. A clean, healthy dish with so much flavour and presented so well too. The blood orange dressing was such a nice addition and unlike normal ‘salad’ dishes this was surprisingly filling and satisfying. The contrast of the 3 beetroots looked wonderful on the plate and the array of colours really looked great on the plate and the perfect dish for this time of year.

We knew we wanted dessert as soon as we saw the crumble on the menu but by the time we had finished the first two courses, we couldn’t possible eat any more, however, we couldn’t resist eating more and we needed a cup of tea to try and help digest it all. The crumble and ice cream was so good we couldn’t stop eating it, even though we were fit to burst.

The tea helped to finish the whole meal off perfectly and we had spent another wonderful evening at this wonderful restaurant, one of our favourite places to spend a date night together. This is the perfect place to eat a delicious meal and have a lovely drink, whilst watching the world go by in one of the coolest locations in London.

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