Sunday Lunch at Mommi’s

One of my favourites restaurants in London, has to be Mommi, the food is fantastic, the service is excellent and the atmosphere speaks for itself, (literally). They have great vegan options and it is a place I love to go to meet with friends or to have chill time with my darling because it is just the best place for a decent meal and a good time.

I can’t resist the vegan Sushi Power Bowl, a deconstructed sushi dish that is so tasty and comforting, it is almost a ritual for me to order this every time I go. With layers of sushi rice, avocado, nori and edamame with toasted sesame and choclo which is a giant corn. The dish comes together perfectly and is great as a starter, especially when you share it, making room for padron peppers too, another favourite of mine!

For mains we always order 2 dishes and share but this time we decided to stick to our own dishes and then with the leftovers we took home swap those for lunches the next day (crazy right?).


I had the roasted aubergine roast, which was just incredible, I have had it many times before and still had to be told to stop ‘mmm-ing’ so loudly as I took each bite. This is an incredible take on a roast with delicious roasted miso aubergine served with an array of veggies from baby potatoes to blood orange and thyme roasted beetroot. The whole dish comes together with a mixture of amazing flavours and textures that elevate from your classic roast to something so different, yet strangely familiar. I believe everyone has to try this at least once!

The husband opted for the Roast Sweet Potato dish which came served with smashed giant corn,the sweet potatoes are caramalised in agave, served with a jalapeno and ponzu sauce. This dish was presented superbly, show just how great a bowl of wholefoods can look.

We ordered a side of broccoli that has been cooked al dente with crispy shallots and toasted sesame seeds in a soy and ginger glaze, so tasty and simple but the perfect addition to both meals.

I really enjoyed how delicious both dishes were and was even happier to have leftovers for lunch the next day, not to mention how jealous my friends at work were of my plate of ‘leftovers’. Mommi is such a great place to go for birthdays or any special occasion, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time and leave feeling extremely satiated after a scrumptious meal!

PSX_20190407_195654.jpgThey have a great selection of drinks also, including gins with great combinations and I would suggest trying these too, because they combinations are realy endless and Gin season is basically already here, because let’s face it – we only need a slither or sunlight and we are ready to sit back and enjoy a decent G&T here in London!

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