Yummy Dinner at Yo Sushi

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I love Sushi, I have it a lot for a quick lunch and will always order it if I see it when I am out whether I am hungry or not. I haven’t been to Yo Sushi in years, but saw they had a new vegan menu and so a few weekends ago, we went to check out their plant based offerings.

We were pleaseantly surprised by just how much there was to chose from on the menu and I also loved that they have unlimited still or sparkling water for £1.50! We may have slightly over ordered due to sheer excitement of wanting to taste so many things on the menu.

We started by only choosing what came round on the converyor belt towards us, though with the two of us having such poor control, when it came to food, their chocolate pot was one of the first things we chose!

The Wakame salad was delicious, I am a seaweed lover in any shape or form and this was a good dish, perfect to accomany the many other bolder flavours, mixed with carrot and edamame in a miso dressing, this was such a clean dish.


We ordered spicy pepper cauliflower, which was crispy and all round delicious, packed with spice and all things nice, this was another success.


The mushroom teriyaki burger was incredible! I have told so many people about this since trying and have had it several times since, it is so tasty and the bao bun is perfect! I highly reccommend going to the Ludgate Hill/St Paul’s branch as the chef Peppe is truly wonderful and makes the buns exactly how I like them!


We ordered both the pumpkin katsu and the tofu katsu, both of which come on a bed of rice and were very nice indeed. I preferred the texture of the tofu where as hubby preferred the texture of the sweet potato. They were both quite substantial and we were getting quite full at this point but we had ordered a lot more!


The harusam aubergine along with the mushroom teriyaki bao were my two favourites. The slice of aubergine were fried in a garlic, ginger, sesame and so dressing and was quite simply one of the best things I have ever eaten. Such great flavour and presented beautifully too.

We ordered some usual sides like savoury rice, avocado sushi rolls and tenderstem broccoli, all of which were pretty damn good and memorable sides, (because let’s be honest they aren’t always that great!) We had realised we had really over eaten and decided that we would have to eat it all to avoid food waste but next time would have a better idea of how much to order.


The last special savoury dish we had was the Yasai Rolls, Inari, avocado, cucumber, lettuce and carrot sushi rolls with teriyaki and topped withh a vegan mayo, these were delightful. Light but full of flavour and a healthy choice for a Saturday night meal.


We finished the meal off with a chocolate pot and fruit salad, the chocolate pot has miso paste in and the flavour is like nothing I have ever tasted before. Such a rich and decadent combination of chocolate and the umami flavours of the miso, this is not something you want to miss!


I would defiitely recommend Yo Sushi to anyone who is looking for something new and exciting to try. The food is reasonably priced, well presented, delicious and very filling. We will be making this a regular pit stop when hunger strikes!

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