Dad’s Birthday at Punjab

My lovely Dad had decided he wanted to go for and Indian meal for his birthday, which immediately caused me concern, because normally that means that my husband and I don’t really have many vegan options. We recently went to and Indian restaurant were even the rice wasn’t vegan!

Punjab, in Covent Garden however, had a plethora of vegan deliciousness and boy, oh boy, did we go to town. They had so many options, clearly marker 100% vegan, they did say that anything that is fried is fried with the vegetarian options so it could not be vegan due to cross contamination, however, these are not marked vegan, everything cooked separately is clearly marked, so you won’t have that issue. The staff were really well informed as well and that meant they were able to advise us on all of the dishes, very well.
We opted to choose 4 dishes and share them between the two of us, the portion are quite big and I love to share anyway, as it means we get to try more dishes in one go. We do still however, need to return to ‘complete’ the menu.
The Kadu sabji, pumpkin curry was absolutely divine, not only was the silky smooth sauce, naturally sweet from the pumpkin with an element of spice added from the aromatics, but the texture of the pumpkin worked so well in this dish, I think this will be the dish we will reorder every time we go and it was a great start, to the rest of the meal.

Amrit’s Amritsari Chole, they say it is The boss’s version of the famous chickpea curry of Amritsar, I say it was a very tasty addition to the plate, perhaps not my favourite purely because I prefer my chickpeas a little softer but it was definitely tasty.


Bombay Aloo, because if they are vegan I am eating all of the potatoes, this had a nice element of spice running through it, we ordered rotis as well (not pictured) that went really well with these.

Gobi Aloo Cauliflower and potatoes sauteed together with a light spiced, perfect dish to round up the flavour combinations and this was excellent. I really liked that they were not greasy and cooked nicely so everything was soft, we didn’t have rice so this was the nicer element of coolness on the plate when everything else was giving the taste buds a good kick of heat.


I would recommend this restaurant to any one who is vegan and has really missed a good Indian, their menu is vast and delicious and it is also fairly priced, especially for the area of London it is based in.

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