An Evening at Quadra

Now that I am back reviewing restaurants again, I am so pleased to start back with a bang. I went to review Quadra in Parsons Green and I was blown away.

Their display of pizzas

The staff are so friendly and attentive, the food is delicious and it is such a great small intimate place to enjoy a meal. It is no wonder that the majority of people there were mainly couples or friends catching up.

Crocchetta Vegana

At the moment they don’t have an awful lot of vegan dishes but the ones they do have are delicious and they are working on expanding the vegan options very soon. They are very new to the area, but I was impressed with how open to new ideas and vegan options they were.

We started with some delicious olives and their Crocchetta Vegana which is the most incredible Potato croquette filled with a slow-cooked vegetable ragout, they serve this with their version of sweet chilli sauce, which worked tremendously well.

The Vegana, The Marinara & The Vegan Truffle

We then went for some of their pizza, which they sell by the slice or you can buy a whole one depending on how hungry you are. We went for slices but a few of each of the vegan options, hubby couldn’t resist and went in for another slice after we had devoured the first round. These are seriously good pizzas! They are so tasty but in addition to how much effort they have put into the flavour combinations – you can taste how fresh everything which makes it ten times more enjoyable in my opinion.

The pizzas we had were as follows:

The Vegana is a classic Tomato sauce base, with finely slices peppers, courgette and aubergine all brought together with a good lick of garlic oil.

The Vegana, The Marinara & The Vegan Truffle

The Vegan Truffle is heaven if you are a mushroom lover like me, topped with Truffle cream, porcini, mushroom, parsley puree, this is such a deliciously simple pizza but the fresh produce shone through here. This is my favourite.

The Marinara, perhaps the most popular ‘go to’ for vegans in a pizza place however, the use of yellow cherry tomatoes gave it additional sweetness which balanced our wonderfully with the oregano and garlic, I didn’t see the chilli oil until 3/4 of the way through this but it was delicious with and without it.

I cannot review this restaurant without mention Giovanni – he is the definition of an exceptional host. He made us feel welcome, he knew the vegan options off the bat and gave recommendations as to what we may or may not like, he was attentive but not too ‘in your face’, which is exactly how I like it. The staff here will make this place known because they are just so lovely.

Over all this was a memorable evening for all of the right reasons and we will most definitely be back for more!


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