Okay, so you’re going to have to get rid of all dairy products, thats milk, butter, cream, icecream, chocolates, cheese and anything that has dairy products in it. You also will be saying goodbye to eggs and any egg based product such as mayonnaise. No meat, no fish, no seafood and no animal products like pate and all the other mush that you can never identify….

Dairy swaps

Start drinking almond milk, or any other dairy milk substitute. You can make a really simple almond milk, by using a raw almond butter, water and dates, agave or vanilla to sweeten. I’m currently perfecting my own, as there are so many different recipes containing those main ingredients. As with everything vegan, I say, explore yourself, taste it and decide on what works best for you. An incentive for trying yourself is that a regular shop bought almond milk costs around £1.80-£2 per carton, where as these essentials will intally set you back around £10-£12 you will be able to make more that 6 cartons worth, much healthier as well without all of the words we can’t pronounce added. 

As for butter, you can straight swap this with an avocado or olive spread, double check it’s vegan as packaging can be deceiving. 

Sweet Treats

Since becoming vegan,I have found that cravings for sweet things are less frequent, because of the natural sweetness in fruits,however, if you need a snack….you need a snack, right? 

Vegan Ice cream is sold in most supermarkets  in case you get stuck with a craving and can’t manage to make your own and wait for it to freeze, however when you get a chance to make your own – do!

 Try vegan chocolate, not only is it in my opinion tastier than dairy chocolate, it is also easy to get from most supermarkets and doesn’t cost as much as you would think. I personally like Moo free chocolate and for UK readers Sainsburys own, vegan chocolate is pretty decent. PLEASE remember that with these kind of chocolates the sugar and fat content can be astronomically high in some ranges, but perfect for a treat.

Alpro have a range of plant based products such a yoghurt and other quick fixes for snacks and cooking swaps such a cream and almond milk, but remember that they will have additional ingredients you won’t get in a home made plant based substitute.


Cheese is a great quick sandwich filler and there are many vegan choices. I personally like Violife, as it works well when grilling for cheese on toast of pizza, awesome in a sandwich too. Violife also make a vegan cheese spread and this is great for bagels and pasta sauces.

Egg swaps

Most baking recipes you can change the egg part for banana or coconut oil and as for eating something similar, tofu is a really good replacement for scrambled egg. I have also made couscous in a frying pan into a scrambled consistency recipe will soon appear on my recipes page. Mayonnaise is something I would put on everything, now I use avocado for a healthier, creamier consistency.