Returning to MOAK

There is no way that I am ever going to visiting the land of the Dam and not visit MOAK pancakes, this time however, I went all out. I order the The Good Life, and was I living it when I ate this  plant based yoghurt, vegan granola, cinnamon, strawberries, Canadian Maple Syrup pancake stack I was in sheer heaven.

I did opt to add some extras because opportunities like this don’t come often, with the Go Deluxe option they will throw in some King Medjoul dates and blackberries, which makes this legendary dish reach levels of deliciousness, that I don’t think words have been invented for yet.img_20191203_215527_012553126873006770296.jpg

We had a shot of pure ginger while we waited for our food, as we both had a bit of a cold at the time and that certain cleared out a few cobwebs for me. I would recommend this to start the meal and not finish it as the ginger is ferocious but it certainly helps if need a pick me up.

It is worth mentioning there was a queue outside when we arrived but it died down quite quickly and in my opinion it is definitely worth the wait to taste these incredible pancakes. I truly believe they are the best in the world  and I can’t wait to go back again very soon to try them!



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