Returning to Meatless District

I was blown away the last time I visited Meatless District and tried their mushroom Benedict which was incredible. Silky vegan hollandaise,  on a bed of juicy mushrooms, I mean what more could you want. Well, actually there was a lot more I wanted to try which is why when I visited last month I went for the tomato ‘lox’ with cream cheese, all vegan and absolutely delicious.


Although reasonably priced this restaurant is perfect for a special meal, as the decor lends itself to a relaxed by sophisticated setting. The staff are always friendly and helpful, which is particularly good in my case because I struggle to choose what to order.

Although this was only a quick pit stop from brunch before a day packed full of cycling around this magnificent city and eating yet more food, however, we did end the meal with a cosy cup of hot chocolate and that was a great sugar rush to send us on our way. I would suggest this as a place for brunch or dinner but either way, this is a great place to taste some yummy vegan dishes, that are healthy, tasty and well priced.


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