Celebration Meal at Beach Blanket Babylon

Walking in to Beach Blanket Babylon we were overwhelmed by the decor and the amount of detail going on in this restaurant, was like nothing we had ever seen before, we sat in front of a roaring fire that was perfect when arriving in from the cold English weather. We didn’t discover just how vast this restaurant was, until we went to the rest room ad saw how big and amazing this place is.

We started with a cocktail each as it was date night and we like a little tipple every once in a while, this is such a luxurious place, I felt so relaxed and ready to enjoy myself. We ordered olives and soda bread to start and was advised by the wonderful waiter, Giovanni, that there was also a vegan beetroot salad, that we could opt for too.

Givoanni was exceptional for the entirity of our evening, he was attentive, helfpul and above all else so courteous. This was the same for all members of staff but as he was attending to our table for the majority of the evening we interacted with him he most.

The beetroot salad was fantastic, plethora of beetroots in a delicaltely seasoned salad that was balanced perfectly. the soda bread was outrageously delicious, still warm and perfect to dip into balsamic vinegar and oil. The food was presently beautifully and tasted as good as it looked too.

For our main course we both had the broccoli steak with a rich hemp seed cream , broccoli rice and dukkah. This was such a fascinating dish as neither of us could imagine what it would look like before it was served. When it arrived at the table we were blown away by the presentatino and the taste combinations of this dish. To get so much flavour into one dish is impressive, it was absolutely perfect, from the cooking to the flavouring, the presenation to the textures. this is a dish I would eat over and over again glady, the hemp seed creamy was rich and smooth, it added extra elevation to this already accomplished dish.

We ordered some kale and sweet potato fries on the side as they are what we normally order. Again, this had so much flavour, the kale was cooked perfectly with garlic and chilli runnign through it to give it a great wealth of flavour.

The sweet potato fries were crispy and utterly moreish, with a perfect level of seasoning too. We were very happy customers at the end of the main course and thought we couldn’t possible eat anymore… until we were told there was a vegan dessert available.

With the dessert being a raw chocolate and peanut butter slice with strawberries placed on top. We went down to the kitchen to meet chef’s Federico and David to thank them for such incredible food.

This is the perfect place to take a loved one for a really memorable special night. We love it here and it is going to be our new place to celebrate happy times to come!

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