Oh Mama….Deer Mama

On the off chance we bumped into a fellow vegan in Amsterdam and they just so happened to tell us about Deer Mama and thank the vegan God’s that they did because WOW!


They do a little bit of everything in here from cakes, to milkshakes to full blown meals and even though we were actually on our to another restaurant for lunch, when we passed Deer Mama on the tram and stopped off for a small bite to eat, 2 milkshakes, cakes and baguettes later and we were in heaven. Their food is beyond delicious, it is ambrosial and then some.


Their cakes were to die for, the milkshakes were worth the calories and their baguettes were so tasty it has now become a restaurant we will head for whenever we touch down in the land of the tulips. In fact, just looking at their website for the hyperlink for this blog, I ended up looking at flights just to go and eat here again!

The 5 spice banh mi baguette with roasted char siu no-pork, little gem, cucumber, pickled cabbage, fresh green herbs & sriracha mayonnaise baguette with roasted 5 spice no-duck, little gem, cucumber, pickled cabbage, hoisin sauce, fresh green herbs & sriracha mayonnaise was out of this world. It was satisfying spicy with a great crunch to it and the ‘roasted char siu no-pork’ has bags of flavour.


You will think I am over reacting until you pay a visit and try, pretty much any of their options on the menu, their milkshakes are such a treat and I would probably say my favourite was the banana and peanut butter shake. However, when I go back, I will do some more ‘research’ and let you know if I find a new favourite! In the meantime do enjoy the photos of their yummy eats!




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